Scientific papers

  • Senf, C., Seidl, R. Mapping the forest disturbance regimes of Europe. Nat Sustain 4, 63–70 (2021).
  • Cerioni, M., Brabec, M., Bače, R., Bāders, E., Bončina, A., Brůna, J., Chećko, E., Cordonnier, T., de Koning, J. H. C., Diaci, J., Dobrowolska, D., Dountchev, A., Engelhart, J., Fidej, G., Fuhr, M., Garbarino, M., Jansons, Ā., Keren, S., Kitenberga, M., … & Nagel, T. A. (2024). Recovery and resilience of European temperate forests after large and severe disturbances. Global Change Biology, 30, e17159.


Posters and presentations

  • Mandl, L., Viana-Soto, A., Seidl, R., Senf, C. Trends and patterns in post-disturbance forest recovery estimated from Landsat and Sentinel-2 data using regression-based spectral unmixing. EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 24–28 Apr 2023, EGU23-2716.
  • Mandl, L., Viana-Soto, A., Seidl, R., Senf, C. From mixels to information: Insights from multi-decadal virtual constellations of satellite data and temporally generalized spectral unmixing for sub-pixel analysis of forest ecosystem recovery in the European Alps. International Forum for Geoinformatics 2023, Salzburg, Austria, 4-6 Jul 2023. Poster

Other contributions